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Low water pressure is a common plumbing complaint amount many home and business owners. After all, it’s not fun to take a shower under a trickling flow. But when the opposite happens – your water pressure is too high – this can pose a problem in the form of worn pipes and appliances. This can get pretty costly when you factor in repairs and replacements.

High water pressure is difficult to detect, especially since the signs seem so insignificant or unrelated at first. But if you have loud appliances and pipes, not enough hot water, and high water bills, your water pressure is probably too high. Here are some common signs.

1.  Your Water Bill Suddenly Increases

When you notice your water bill spike and there’s no obvious reason, your water pressure could be to blame. That’s because you’re using a lot more water than you normally do. Normal water pressure should clock in somewhere between 40 and 60 PSI. If your home has high water pressure, your PSI will be between 80 and 100. Translation? A higher water volume is getting pushed through your pipes.

2.     Your Hot Water Runs Out Quickly

If your hot water is running out after just a few minutes in the shower, this means your water heater tank is filling up with cold water too quickly, which disrupts the temperature your heater is trying so hard to give you. Your tank is forced to work harder, which leads to more wear and tear. Your risk of a leak or breakdown is thus increased.

3.  You Have Loud Pipes and Appliances

All that extra pressure can make some pretty weird noises come out of your pipes and appliances, which aren’t used to handling that volume. For example, your dishwasher should hum lightly, not screech during the cycle. Due to the higher pressure, your seals and mechanical parts are wearing out faster. This also cuts your dishwasher’s lifespan short.

Another example is when you flush your toilet…you may hear a noise when that rush of water happens initially but if you can follow that loud sound through the walls (think: shuddering or banging), your water pressure is too high.

4.  Irregular Water Pressure

If your water pressure is inconsistent, your pressure is too high. One example of this is when you turn on your faucet and it comes out in a spurt at first, then levels off.

All of the above are common signs of high water pressure. A master plumber in NYC can address this issue quickly and efficiently.

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