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Yes, all heating equipment may it be a conventional boiler or High Efficiency equipment like a tankless water heater, especially a combi unit requires annual maintenance. During the annual Maintenance/Service we run several types of diagnostics on the unit, including all electronic and mechanical safety controls, check the chimney for proper draft. Make sure the unit is operating properly, efficiently, and safely. Make any necessary adjustments on the unit. Check the thermostat. Check carbon monoxide detectors in home. We may also point out any necessary repairs needed for a trouble-free heating season, answer any concerns the client may have.
Con Edison and National Grid generally start their promotions in the Spring and run until late summer. These promotions offer attractive rebates, and free equipment upgrades. Additional rebates are available on certain equipment from the State and Government agencies. These promotions change every year. For more information contact us at 718-505-9300
The answer is yes and no. Tankless water heaters are great, they have very low operating costs, because they use very little energy, can be installed in tight spaces, provide an endless supply of hot water if designed properly. The pros of a conventional storage tank are that they have a low upfront installation cost, require very little or no maintenance, require no electricity to operate on most models. Repairs are less expensive than a tankless when needed. Contact us at 718-505-9300, and let us help choose the right option for your home or business.
Absolutely not, steam heat is a lost art. A properly maintained steam system is quiet and very comfortable as it introduces moisture into the air. Most steam systems are noisy because of poor maintenance, or as we have seen over and over, unexperienced persons making improper repairs on the system because they simply don’t have the experience with steam heat. Call us today at 718-505-9300, and sleep in a quiet and toasty home tonight.
The next step after the utility company has locked your gas service, is to contact a New York City Licensed Master Plumber. He will then obtain necessary permits from the NYC DOB, in order to properly repair and make sure your gas system is up to code. Then he will have to hold necessary inspections with the DOB. Most of the time gas is restored within 48 hours but in rare cases if there are violations and many leaks on the gas system, it can take weeks to restore gas. When this happens, the customer is very vulnerable and desperate. Therefore we always recommend obtaining 2 to 3 quotes from different licensed plumbers.
This all depends on the condition, age, and plumber you decide to use for this repair. An unexperienced plumber will most likely recommend breaking the tiles and replace the entire unit inside the wall. The proper procedure would be to first identify the make and model of the shower unit and properly diagnose the issue and parts needed. 90% of the time we can locate the correct parts. Experience is vital for this repair as it is needed to identify the unit.
The answer is a big no. Yes, they advertise low prices, these prices are just to get them in the door. These companies are never licensed, which means they have no background check as a NYC Licensed Master Plumber is required to operate a Licensed plumbing business in NYC. If something goes wrong and damage is done to your home, you are left on the hook. They might be able to snake a drain, but keep in mind it is the NYC Licensed Master Plumber that understands the drains and underground sewer lines, after all, only a NYC Licensed Master Plumber is legally allowed to install and design them. The low price comes from having no license, no insurance, the employees are uninsured, and no place of business or storefront. All of what is required by NYC to legally run a Licensed Plumbing business.
With today’s technology, the options for a new toilet are endless. For a toilet replacement, we offer free estimates. The average price for a Toilet replacement ranges from $700 – $900 depending on the brand and model the client picks out.
NO! these chemicals usually do more harm than good on old steel and cast-iron drain lines.
These websites are flooded with unlicensed contractors. They advertise background checks and license verification for every contractor they advertise, these are all misleading claims to the consumer. The unlicensed contractors pay a fee to advertise on these sites. Use this link from the Department of Buildings to look up if a plumber is licensed. 7 out of 10 are not licensed or even a company. We refuse to feed into or be a part of this scam.
  • The word “PLUMBING” found nowhere on trucks, business cards or signs. Instead you see PIPING or PIPE, this is a loophole to mislead potential clients.
  • No License number anywhere
  • Unmarked work vehicles
  • Business address is a home or residential address
  • Demands cash only for payment
  • Claims he is covered by a Licensed contractor
  • Says “you don’t need a license for that”
  • Cannot produce proof of insurance
  • Cannot produce a License card
The consumer should always use their best judgement. Unlicensed contractors always lie to potential clients that they are licensed and insured just to get their foot in the door.
Open the nearest window, do not touch any light switches, quickly alert anyone in the property to go outdoors, and call 911.
A RPZ or Backflow device is designed to protect public water supply by isolating the water supply in your home or business. These devices are usually installed at the water main located inside the property. If you already have a Backflow device in your property, don’t forget to call Tidal Plumbing & Heating for annual testing, to avoid violations from DEP.

We here at Tidal Plumbing & Heating are prepared to remove any type of plumbing or boiler violation listed on your home or business.

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