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Just like with anything else, the world of plumbinghas a lot of myths that simply aren’t true – or that have some truth to them but otherwise don’t tell the whole story. Many of us have grown up believing these myths, so now’s the time to debunk them. When it comes to plumbing, misinformation can get quite costly. To ensure you keep your pipes flowing, prevent expensive repairs, and stay informed about your system, here are five of the most common plumbing myths debunked.

1. Garbage disposals and toilets can handle anything

While garbage disposals and toilets are durable and strong plumbing components in any home, they’re designed for a specific purpose. When you flush and dispose of things in these areas that aren’t supposed to go in there, problems can crop up real quick.

Never flush these items down toilets:

Never put these items down your garbage disposal:

Disposals and toilets can only take so much! Be wise about what you stick down there.

2. There’s no need to call a plumber until you run into a problem

As long as there is water flowing through the pipes and you don’t see any clogs, you may assume that you can put off calling a plumber. However, over time, build-up develops in your pipes and can cause an inconvenient, sudden and expensive problem in the future. This is why annual plumbing inspections and cleanings are so important – because they can prevent this type of issue from happening!

3. You don’t have to fix a leaky faucet right away

Tiny drips coming out of your faucet may not seem like a big deal, but trust us, this is doing more harm than good. Not only will your water bill increase, it will cause your plumbing fixtures to break down and deteriorate. You don’t have to prematurely replace fixtures, though, if you call a plumber as soon as you see a leak.

4. All plumbing products at your local store are OK to use

While some are OK to use, others can cause a lot damage to your plumbing system. Toilet tablets with bleach that you place in your tank and flushable wipes, for example, can cause clogged toilets or gradually destroy other plumbing components. Ask a professional plumber what they recommend.

5. All plumbers have the same skills

Not all plumbers have the same skill sets, training, education or experience, nor are they backed by a company that’s licensed and insured. Always do your research and settle on a reputable plumbing company with master plumbers on staff, like Tidal Plumbing NYC.

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