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Your home plumbing system comprises about 15 percent of your total home value. Not a bad investment! When you incorporate an efficient, smoothly operating plumbing system, you get clean, fresh water whenever you want it, and enough warm water to ensure your home and family stay clean.

Properly functioning plumbing systems come with many other benefits, such as:

As a homeowner, you must protect your investment, which means you have to maintain your plumbing system on a regular basis.

Daily Maintenance Tips

Daily maintenance includes prevention of clogs, one of the most common plumbing issues faced by homeowners. You shouldn’t ignore clogs. They’re not only nuisances, they can also cut the life of your pipes short through the addition of extra pressure and stress. Even a slow drain may cause you problems, so you should always clear a clog quickly before it turns into a blockage. Preventing blockages in the first place is your best bet.

In the Kitchen

In the Bathroom

Weekly Maintenance

Check on your pipes once a week to prevent small problems from becoming large, expensive ones.

Small leaks can waste one trillion gallons of water a year nationwide. Regularly check these items:

Seasonal Maintenance

Did you know the change of seasons impacts your plumbing?


During fall, leaves and temperatures start to drop. Prepare your pipes for the cold winter days by preparing outdoor spigots and water hoses. Disconnect water hoses from outdoor spigots. Check outdoor faucets for leaks. Cover all outdoor spigots, and insulate pipes in unheated areas.



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