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If your existing water heateris on the fritz, you may be looking at several different options and models to replace it. Perhaps you have a traditional tank right now but have been hearing about tankless water heaters and are curious. Unfortunately, you may have come upon some misconceptions about these water heaters, and we’re here to dispel those myths.

Myth #1: They’re Expensive to Use

If you like the idea of a smaller water heater that takes up less space but automatically assume it must be too expensive, think again. In fact, a tankless water heater saves the average homeowners about 20 percent on their energy bills because it doesn’t store hot water when it’s not needed.

Myth #2: They Heat Water to Unsafe Temperatures

Yes, tankless water heaters are smaller in size than traditional tanks, but they have all the same safeguards included, such as an adjustable thermostat. This helps to prevent overheating and scalding. 

Myth #3: They Don’t Give You Enough Hot Water

With tankless water heaters, you may have heard that once the water is used up, it has to be reheated, which takes time – up to a half hour. But because you don’t have a storage tank, there is never a shortage of hot water. The water is circulated over a heating element to an outlet, which heats the water and delivers it to your faucets whenever you need it.

Myth #4: They Require Natural Gas

Not all tankless water heaters need natural gas. In fact, they’re pretty diverse in the way they heat water. It will depend on the model you go with, but you are free to use one that works with natural gas, propane, or electricity.

Myth #5: TheyDeliver Hot Water Instantaneously

Not quite instantaneously, although pretty fast. Tankless water heaters, by definition, heat on command, which makes them very efficient. However, it’s not magic. It will still take the same amount of time for hot water to get to your faucet from the heater.

Myth #6: They Require Annual Inspections

While regular inspections on your plumbing system are a wise idea, there’s no set time for inspections on a tankless water heater. It will really depend on the hardness of your water. You will want to get inspections more frequently if you have hard water, as these deposits and minerals will build up in the heater. Most of the deposits will get pushed through the system, but your scale detection software should display an error message if things get clogged up. At that point, you will have to have it serviced.  

We hope we have cleared up some myths about tankless water heaters!

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